The Robot Army chapter 9

The door to the hatch opened, and June stepped in. She was in some kind of circular submarine with two red hard back chairs facing a complicated contol panal. The walls were made of green steel, and there were dozens of small hatches on the sides. As she climbed over to the chairs, the door behind her clicked shut. There was a window in front of her, but all she could see was black. Settling herself into the chair on the right, she glances aross the buttons but didn’t trust herself to touch them. A green light above her flashed and she felt the machine moving forward. Suddenly she could see through the frount window a slit of light open up and realised doors were opening. The gap got wider, and June could finaly see where she was.
She was underwater.

Meghan, Mille and Alice raced through the mirrored halls, their faces controrted in panic. They knew what they had thought had been confirmed by the man who had beconed to them. June was missing. They charged round the corner and were met with a wall of shattered glass. Pushing through the croweds of people, Meghan stood in silence where June had stood before. She was dumfounded. Where had June gone? Why had she broken the mirror?
A faint sloshing sound slowely fought itself into her ears. She realised what had happened the second before. She turned round, ready to scream at the others before the humongus wave burst out from the mirror and engulfed everything and everyone in it’s grasp.

A faint beeping noise wass the only sound to be heard in the submarine; that and June’s heavy breathing, but she didn’t need sound. Streaching into infinaty ahead of her was the haunting nothingness of the deep sea. Bubbles from the submarines’ propellers were the only break from the empty blue. June had known the sea was big but she didn’t think it would be this empty. It was rather unnerving, giving off the same dormat auror the robots had given her. Waiting. Waiting. The submarine suddenly gave a jolt and the green light turned red, the beebing now loud and urgent. June felt herself roll over, and the last thing she thought before she blacked out were the words ‘At least I remembered to fasten the seat belt.’

Meghan felt herself bowled over by the wave as it smashed her battered body against the mirrors. All around her figures were teleporting away, some to young, too weak, to inadequate to teleport were already dead, thier bodies still sommersalting in the thrashing waters. Meghan couldn’t see anymore, her eyes singing with unexpected salt, but still she grasped the broken mirror, thanking her gills over and over again. Her mind focused on the nearest moving object, pinpointing itself on the swinging smashed mirror, swinging on hinges.
Her mind focused on June.
Meghan swam over to the door, struggling against the tide. The water had reached the celing, yet still more were coming in. Grasping the side of the gaping whole, Meghan summed up her strength and forced herself in. She entred a spriral stone staircase, and without pausing to think, began to swim down. It felt like years, but she carried on. She didn’t feel any pressure, which was good, but the water was still rushing madly passed her. She was fighting, fighting, her mind focued on only one thing.
If June was dead her body would have been pulled up by the tide by now, and Meghan had seen no such thing. She swan and swan, her arms and legs howling at her to stop. She ignored them and trowled on, eventually reaching the metel door at the end. The current seemed to lessen slightly, alowing her to looked up for a moment, but her brain was too numb to redgister the huge robots that did nothing but divide the tide. Pushing pass a metalic leg, she reached an exit into the deep blue sea. Without stopping to thing or reason, she swam out, away from the punishing flow off the water. Finally out, the water calmed, and Meghan stopped in the water and began to float. Let me die here, she wished, let me take the pain away. She rolled over so she was facing down, and began to drift..drift…drift….
Her mind slipped in and out of sleep haunted by dreams. She dreamed she was on a beach, a mighty sword in her hand. Salty spray tickled her legs, as she looked up at the figure on the rocks ahead. A girl, around her age, with brown hair reaching the bottem of her ribcage and a thick fringe was standing at the top of the cliff, a purple spotty knee length dress flapping around her legs in the wind. On her head sat a pair of copper goggles, and in her hand she held a single cog. Meghan felt her feet draw nearer, when the sky clouded over, and lightning struck the clifftop, causing the girl to tumble into the debris below. Meghan screamed, and woke with a start. She was still drifting softly face down in the ocean, when somthing caught her eye. A dark, round shape, too symetrical to be a rock, was lying silently onn the sea bed. Meghan swam over to investigate. Her legs had completely morphed together to create a tail, making swimming much easier. When she reached the object, she realised it was a submarine,, oddly out of place in this eirily quiet world. She flicked her tail round to the window, and peeked in. June was there, slumped in her chair, blood trickling down her face. Meghan’s eyes widened, as she fumbled with the hatch. Once, when she was very little, her father had taken her on a submarine journey that had opened her eyes in wonder. He taught her how to open the hatch underwater in an emergentcy, she just had to get it right, or the pressure could crush June. Finding the catch, Meghan took a deep breath through her gills, and carefully lifted the door open. She dropped into the small compartment used for draining water, hit the button on the side, shut the door, and waited until the water was sucked out. Her tail flopped ontot he floor, as she crawled to the door and entered the main compartment. Pulling herself over to June, Meghan assesed the wound, and searched round the submarine for any signs of a first aid kit. After hunting around a while, she pulled open a box contaning bandages, plasters, pain killers and a bottle labled ‘For flu, measles and colds’. She wrapped the bandages round June’s head, and slid into the second chair. Her brow furowed for a moment, as she tried to remember what her dad had told her. She spotted a button labled automatic, and was about to press it when she remembered she had to get the submarine off the sea bed first. She flicked some switches, and grinned as she heard the reasuring whir of the engine. Pulling a lever back, she slowely guided it up into the sea, climbing higher until she gained more space to manouver. Then she clicked the automatic button, crossed her fingers and hoped that whatver June was thinking when she got into this, it was reason worthwile.


The Robot Army chapter 8

A man in a funny blue bow tie and pink dress – urgh more pink – knocked into Meghan as he raced past. She fell to the floor with a nasty bump. Alice helped her up.
“Where is she” said Mille. Meghan and Alice both span round.
“Who?” asked Meghan. Mille shook her head.
“I don’t…what…sorry, I was daydreaming. I had a sudden thought…but it’s gone now.”
“You said ‘where is she'” said Alice “What did you mean?”
“Did I?” questioned Mille “I can’t remember. Anyway, not to change the subject or anything, but have either of you seen June?” The others shook their head. They were supposed to meet in the entance hall, but it seemed June hadn’t got the message. Or she was lost. Either was possible.
“No? Ive got a bad feeling in my stomach. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I havn’t eaten anything in ages…” Mille tailed off. The girls lasped into an uncomfortable silence. A group of women with pink frizzy hair rushed past them, their faces lined with worry. Alice stared.
“I swear it wasn’t this hectic when we came in.” she said. Meghan knodded.
“Everyone seems bent on looking the other way when they pass us. I feel as if we’re not being told something.”
“Don’t be ridiculous!” snapped Mille, but she was biting her lip. After the girls were knocked over by yet another swarm of frustrated hurrying people she couldn’t hold it in any longer.
“I think something’s happend to June.” she burst out. The others looked shocked.
“What?” asked Alice “what do you mean?”
“I just know it. The increse in people, the sudden panic in the servants, the fact she’s missing…and i’ve got that gut instinct. Which usually is never wrong.”
Meghan rolled her eyes. “Modesty not your strongest point then?”
“At least I actually do have some strong points to boast of,” snapped Mille “unlike a few I could name.”
“Per-lease. Look at me! I’m a mermaid! Have you ever broken the school record for staying underwater…and that was before I had gills!”
“Have you ever won in organized kandeshball?”
“Have you ever ran away from home and gotten as far as Moscow? And what’s Kandeshball?”
“Have you ever tried to commit suicide because of bad test results?”
“As if I would ever be stupid enough to do that!
The girls glared at each other. No one spoke. Alice shifted about uncomfortably.Finally she spoke up.
“What actually is Kandeshball?”she asked the sulking Mille. Instanly the pink haired girl brightened.
“Kandeshball is only the most brilliant, most dangerous sport in the world!” she grinned, with a faraway look in her eyes.
“Most dangerous?” Meghan asked “The school rugby team might give this Kandeshball thing a run for his money!” Alice shushed her. She turned back to Mille, who cleared her throat and continued.
“It’s a solo game, so there are no teams. Your in a big arena, and it’s always night time. Everyone has just a small ball of energy that gives off as much light as a small human windup tourch. Other then that, it’s pitch black. You have to find the other contestance in the dark. If you touch one, and are the first one to say Kandeshball, they are out and hold up their energy ball for everyone nearby to see. Seems simple? Now here’s the catch. It’s not just other contestants you have to worry about. There are lots of dangerous animals in with you.Everyone has a weapon of choice to defence themselves; but underage players have wooden weapons. The last person who isn’t caught must also survive the whole night in order to win.”
“That’s horrible!” cried Meghan “has anyone ever died?”
“Well yes,” admited Mille “but only in profesional Kandeshball. Never in school or anything like that.” she paused “although Jemine Artolnmi did severly crack her skull once.”
Meghan looked revolted, and Alice went slightly green. An atendant in salmon robes walked in and beckoned to them. Then, without speaking, he left the way he came and the girls followed without delay.

When June opend the door, nothing could prepare her to what she saw. The first impact was the noise. What had been pounding her head in before was now…gone. She could hear nothing. Then she looked up.
Huge robotic things ten metres high were standing in a row, silent and dormat. The room was massive, much taller than even the robot’s heads. The robots themselves had arms, legs, bodies, heads – but the resemblance stopped there. Their glinting metel sparkled under the artificial light, black stripes up and down, interlocking with contrasting silver. The rectangular heads had a single chink for a mouth and camera lens for eyes. They all stood as stony still statues, not a sound to be heard except June’s heavy breathing and her heart thumping in the middle of a boxing match. She took a step forward. Nothing happend.
And breathe again.
June had to think. Where was she? She thought back to what Mille had said when they first met, back in the cave. The story about the elements. How metel was exiled. Did that have anything to do with this? June went up to the nearest robot. It stood high above her, towering like a huge block of flats. She thought this must be what it’s like to be a mouse, and imediantly had more sympathy for the little critters. Cautiously, her hand drew up to rest on the unnatural silver machine and a shiver chilled her veins to ice. The metel was as cold as glass. It was as if the robots were dead. No. Not dead. Sleeping. They were here for a reason.
She ducked behind the robot’s futuristic legs, and crossed to the other side of the room. The wall was a blank white. There was no dust anywhere, yet is was obvious there hadn’t been anyone here for years and years. Perhaps, the robots had been here so long, there simply wasn’t anything to make dust. June might have been the first soul in centuries to walk through this room. She felt like she was in some kind of tomb, locked undergroud without anyone to sir the stilness.
“Welcome soldier. Please pick up and you will be put forward to the emergency line. Do not touch.”
June gasped and span around, but no one was there. She slowely turned back.
“If you are being pursued, the escape is accessable via talktolk. Please act within 2 minuets or the botbots will be activated.”
This was when June saw that the voice was coming from speakers on the celing. On the wall infront of her was a small white phone, bathed in blue light. She supposed this was the talktolk. Well, the speaker had told her to pick it up.
She went over and picked it up.
“Uh…hello?” she asked tentativly into the phone. Pause.
“Welcome caller,” a girls voice spoke up at the other end “Where are you calling from?”
“The Talktolk?” said June, unsure “At least, I think that’s what this is…”
Silence. June thought she might have lost connection.
“What did you say?” said the small voise the other end.
“I don’t belive it! After centuries…Robec! Whe have a caller from Talktolk!” There was a crakle as the phone at the end of the line was passed to someone eles.
“Hello?” it was someone eles, still a girl, with quite a posh accent “Who is this?”
“June.” she whispered, her eyes wide with shock.
“June? We don’t have any feild agents called June. Unless – wait, is the raidiation safe?”
“Raidiation?” June was beginning to get worried.
“It’s fine. If there was any left, you would be dead now. Oh this is astounding! One sec, I’m opening the emergency door…stand back.”
The wall creeked, and a crack ran down the side. June jumped back in suprize. A circular metal door was revealed, and the whirring stoped. She turned back to the phone.
“Do I go in?” she asked.
“Oh yes, do. You’ll exit via Subot. It goes underwater, but it’s automatic so you don’t need to steer or anything. See you in about 11 hours.” The phone clicked silent.
June went to the door. Slowely she turned the handle. She was confused as to whether she was doing the right thing.
A distant shout, so distant and muffled, June wasn’t sure if she had imagined it or not jolted her with fright. Boy was she in trouble if she was caught.
She was going in.

The Robot Army chapter 7

Pink bubbles filled the room. The soft aroma of rose wafted about, fuelled by the scatterings of rose petels. Meghan siged in happiness as she streched out in the smooth marble bathtub. She smiled to herself. They sure didn’t have baths like this back home. Insted of water, she was submerged in a bubbling pink froth, in order to make up for the absence of liquid on Andromeda. Slowely, she got up and stpped out onto the reflective floor, drapping a towel around her to scrub off the excess bubbles, and wandered over to the wardrobe at the far end of the room. It was larg, stout and a pale peach. Meghan stuck her tongue out in discust. She hated peach.
Clicking the door open, Meghan flicked through the numrous clothes hanging by crytal white hangers. Settling on a minty green knee length dress with a lacey white collar – she was sick of pink – Meghan quickly pulled it on and slipped on a pair of black ballet pumps. She went to the pearl mirror on the wall, and glared at her reflection. The bath had riddend out any knots in her seaweed hair, so it now fell smoothly to the bottem of her ribs. Her deep blue eyes flashed at her, and she found herself longing for some water. Andromeda was beginning to get annoying.
Shuffling over to the door, she pulld it open and enterd the hallway. Everywhere she looked was linned with mirrors, reflecting hundreds of runty, pale, skinny girls, all with shocking green hair and deep sea eyes. She took one step and grimaced. It had become even harder to walk, and with every step her legs felt painfuly glued together. Green scales had formed on her thighs and hips, now hidden by the dress. She was severly changing, and she wasn’t liking it.

Yellow skirts swished out behind June as she cheerfully skipped along. When she had come out of her bath, no one was around, so she decided she might as well explore. The mirrored halls seemed endless. Up ahead, she saw a group of people in whispered conversations. One person turned around, and their eyes met. June turned and ran. Later, when she looked back on what happend, she wasn’t sure why she had won. The person didn’t look surprized to see her. She wasn’t doing anything wrong. But she sprinted away, sweat pouring off her face, her pupils dilated in fright. She skidded round a corner into a dead end, her panicked face reflected on the mirrors everywhere. She pounded on an unusually large one in frustrastion.
The mirror cracked. June stood there, blood bubbles running down her hand. Silence seemed to echo off the walls.
Well that’s seven years bad luck, she thought, stupidly.
A shout behind her brough her to her sences. She whipped around, ready to face anyone who came running. She lent back against the broken mirror, and squeled in suprized as it moved. The mirror swung open, as if on hinges. Not even stopping to think, June jumped through the hole, and closed the mirror behind her. She was consumed by blackness. Panicking, she felt around her, when suddently, a single light bulb above her illuminated her surrounings. She was standing at the top of a very steep spiral staircase. Another step in the darkness would send her tumbling down and almost certainly breaking her neck. She looked back at the bulb, and others alike began to light up down the stairway. Handy, she thought. But surely there was no electrisity in Andromeda? Who put thse bulbs here? She began to decend.
The stairs were just as steep as they looked, if not more. With every step June felt as if she was going to crash down to the bottom. She wondered if she might be underground. Did Andromeda have an underground? She wasn’t sure. Was she on a high floor when the stair case started? There hadn’t been any windows in the bathroom, so she couldn’t tell. She had to hurry quickly. There was nowhere to hid from anyone she might meet here. A low rumbling filled her ears. Did everyone here know about this passage? If that was the case, then why was it so cleverly hidden? Surely someone knew. June stopped and listend. Aside from the rubbling sound, she could hear nothing. No one was coming. She was safe.
The noise got louder the further June went. The others would have known she was gone by now. They would be searching for her. June didn’t think she would be found though. She knew she probably should turn round and go back up. Face everyone’s shocked faces. She just broke a mirror. Not that bad a crime. But she was curious. And June had always hated getting into trouble. She went on. The noise incresed. It was now so loud, she stuck her fingers in her ears. It was getting unbearable. Then suddenly the staircase ended abruply. Face screwed in pain, June turned around to face a small, metel door, just big enough for someone as small as her to get through. The silver metel gleamed at her, reflecting her pinched, earthy face and twisting it around, so what she was looking at was remarkably acurate to the trick mirrors Jne had seen one time her dad had taken her to a carnival. Metal.


There was no metel in Andromeda.

June wasn’t in Andromeda.

The Robot Army chapter 6

June felt as if her lungs were splitting in two. Her vision was conquered by dozens of swirling colours, temporarily blinding her. She screamed, but the shrill noise echoed into nothing. A hand gripped her’s, but June couldn’t see who it was. She couldn’t draw breath. She was surely dying.

Suddenly the pressure realesed. She gulped air, opend her eyes, shut them again and fell.

Meghan collapsed onto her knees, her head pounding, eyes aching. Slowely she stood up. She seemed to be standing on brilliant white clouds, pale mist rising up and a dark, luminous shape in the distance. Shaking, she put one foot forward, only to have it give way and she collapsed onto the white, whispy floor again. To her left was Alice, bent over on her knees shuddering and moaning in pain. To her right was Mille, bending over an unconscious June. Mille looked up.

“Portal travel is really painful at first. You handled it better than I did on my first go. Now I’ve learned to block the pain out, but I still get a bit wobbly if I travel between worlds.” Mille turned back to June. Meghan slowely stood up again and turned to face the struggling Alice. Reaching her hand out, she grabbed her freind’s arm and pulled her up.

“It’s ok” Meghan whispered. Alice nodded.

“Where are we?” she asked.

“Not sure.” Meghan murmered, her face screwed in an unreadable expression. “But I’m having serious trouble walking.” Alice took a few steps. It seemed easyish enough for her. She turned to Meghan, and realization hit. Meghan’s legs were hinting a scaly green, and didn’t seem to work as well joinwize. They must be changing to a tail, Alice thought in her head, but one look at Meghan’s stricken face and it was enough to keep her silent. Behind them June was slowely coming to, and taking a few shaky steps forward, leaning heavily on Mille’s shoulder. Mille shook her head.

“I had hoped to start travelling as soon as we got here” Mille explained “But June needs rest. And-” she looked at Meghan’s legs uncertainly “we may have to work out how Meghan’s going to travel. Your legs are obviously changing into a tail and there’s no water on Andromeda.”

“So this is Andromeda?” June finaly spoke. Her eyes were still rolling dangerously in their sockets, but she was managing to stand without leaning on Mille. Mille nodded her head, then tilted it to have a better look at Meghan. Nervously, Meghan took a few tentative steps. It was difficult, but she could just about manage it. She turned to face the others.

“I’ll go as far as I can. I still don’t know what we are doing here.” at this point she glared at Mille “but I’m willing to try. But I need to know where we are going first.”

“To the councillors,” sighed Mille “And don’t ask me why. You know almost as much as me.”

They all looked at each other. June’s face showed worried determination, Alice was fearful, Mille’s judgmental and Meghan’s full of unatural scorn. Alice spead out her wings, but Mille shook her head.

“No air here,” she explained “you can’t fly. Notice yet your not breathing?”

June shuddered. “Where is this place?”


Minutes turned into hours, and Mille was worried they wern’t going anywhere. She had been given orders not to use portals within Andromeda, but she didn’t know if they were even moving, let alone in the right direction. Sure, they were walking fast enough. The shape in the distance wasn’t getting any closer, and although dimesions in Andromeda were warped due to the overuse of portals, there were still some basic principles of physics. Meghan wasn’t finding walking any easier, and they needed to stop to rest soon. Alice’s wings were weighing her down, and June kept getting distracted by the plant buds that were growing out from her skinny wrists. Mille picked at the sparkling jewels that had recently formed on her finger nails and bit her lip. Was there something she had overlooked? She thought back to when she was just living normaly with her family inside Andromeda’s Portal City walls. They had no freedom, same as everone eles. She went to school, and had been chosen to become a docter when she turned 25. Sometimes she would look onto Earth and wish Andromeda had the gift of free will too.

Then they came and turned her life around. Two strangers wearing silver cloaks insted of standard Andromeda togas everyone was requiered to wear. They told her she was different, that she had to leave her family and come with them, She didn’t want to. She had screamed and hung on to her mother and refused to go. But they misused portals to take her away. They took her to a tall pink castle on the outskirts of the Andromeda-Earth boarder. They told her who she was, then cast her to find the others in Earth hurt and alone.

She glanced at the others. Did they have any idea how lucky they were? Their life up until now had been carefree, easy. They could choose what to wear, where to go. Athough, Mille though as she glanced at Alice and Meghan, she wasn’t sure of their taste. Meghan caught her eye and scowled. Mille shuddered. She knew which one she wasn’t going to be the best of friends with. Up ahead, the white light seemed to get brighter, the shadow more defined and Mille’s heart lighter. They were near after all!

“What’s that noise?” asked Alice.  The others looked at her.

“What noise?” replied June.

“That horrible high pitched noise. Ow!” Alice clamped her hands round her ears. Meghan and June turned to Mille.

“Absent of air” shrugged Mille “she’s really feeling it.” At that moment Alice fell to the floor and rapidly shook her head back and forth. A pale, hand rested on her shoulder. Alice jerked in relief. The sound was gone. She looked up. Mille’s mouth was forming a perfct o and June and Meghan looked confused. She turned around.

A man like no other was standing behind her. His face was wrinkled and creased, he was wearing a floor length silver cloak and had a kind glint in his eye. He was smilling.

“Well done Mille. I’m glad everyone could make it. Come, you must be weary. We have beds and food waiting for you inside” he spread his arms out in the direction of the shape, now a pinkish colour “welcome to the rose borderline control. Or, more commonly known, the quartz castle.”

The Robot Army chapter 5

June skipped along the sandy beach, humming a cheerful tune. She had curly, dark hair, an even, brown complextion and she was never seen without a smile. Everyone that passed her was infected with ‘Junehappyitis’, as her jokey dad always said.

Her skip faltered and she shook her head. No, dad wasn’t alive anymore, she had to remember that. Her once black hair blew in a candy floss cloud behind her. It was the reason why she wasn’t in the care home at the moment. She was in trouble. Big trouble, and the worst thing was, she couldn’t understand how. She had gotten home from school yesterday, looked in the mirror and screamed aloud. Her hair, now an earthy brown, had gotten her falsely disgraced for dyeing it.

Water for the rock pools lapped at her ankles as she scrambles up the rocks, accidentally tearing a hole in her blue jeans as she went.  The steady drip drip drip noise of a nearby cave sent a grin across her salt stung face. Perfect. She could hide from the adults until the storm blew over. Her giraffe backpack contained salt and vinegar crisps and a can of coke, a enough to last her the night. She scrambled up the rocks in the direction of the cave when she froze. Voices. Slowly she edged back along the narrow crevice, wincing when her foot scraped. The voices got louder. She looked up. A stunningly beautiful girl with floor length pink hair stood at the mouth of the cave. She turned to June.

“About time. I was beginning to think you weren’t coming,” the strange girl snapped, her golden eyes narrowed and suspicious”where on andromeda were you?” June stared, her mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. A girl with seaweed green hair stepped out of the cave and grinned at her.

“I see Mille’s given the usual heartwarming introduction.” The girl laughed “I’m Meghan. This is Mille and Alice. I’m guessing your June?” Another girl stepped out. She had a long, pale face and glittering silver hair.

June’s mind swam. Who were these girls? How did they know her name? Were they from the care home? No, she didn’t recognise them. And they were wearing such weird things, a pale green toga, a sweeping white dress, a black cloak. And did the pale, silvery one she thought was called Alice have wings?

Alice stepped up to her. “This might seem confusing, but come in” she gestured to the cave “we have some pretty big news for you”

Once they were all settled on the cave floor and Meghan was happily munching through the crisps she found in June’s bag, Mille stood up.

“June of earth, Alice of air, Mille of andromeda and Meghan of sea. Thousands of years ago in the City of elements, there were 3 noble men and 3 noble women. They were Erik of fire, Nathan of air, Samwel of earth, Ladinya of electricity, Saraska of andromeda and Genevive of sea. There was also Mariya of metal, the outcast who had previously been banished to the land of the robots, but she is not important. Now Erik and Ladinya both started searching for power. They started by trying to take over mighty andromeda, the world of portals, but Saraska bravely fought their fire and lightning minions off with her own golden army. The dispute upset the council and all the worlds were plunged into war. It was fire and electricity against andromeda, earth, air and sea. Angry at being banished, Mariya did not join either sides, although her robotic army was strong enough to crush any of us. In the end, we won anyway but the city of elements was no more. The once noble men and women were cast to live in their elements, and Nathan, Samwel and Genevive went to live with the mortals on earth. Saraska joined the elders in Andromeda and Erik and Ladinya went to the temple of fire.”

Silence. Only Meghan was brave enough to speak.

“Where do we come in?” She asked. Mille coughed

“I was just coming to that. Now they weren’t in the city of elements, they were vulnerable mortals. They married, had children, died. Non off their generations showed signs of being anything extraordinary. That is, until now. We are the chosen descendants. We have the powers of our ancestors. We must fight fire and electricity and reclaim the city of elements just like the prophecy foretold. It is our destiny.”

“Talk about cliche” Meghan laughed ” it is our destiny’ did you get that from Star Wars?”

“What’s star wars?” Asked Mille.

“Never mind” said Meghan. Alice stood up.

“Because of my wings, I’m inclined to believe you. What do we do?” Alice asked, her face grim and paler than usual.

“Simply,” replied Mille “just follow me.” She pointed to the centre of the cave. Pink crystals shot out of the glass she was holding and grouped together to form a spiralling portal that was humming what sounded like a bee and a lawn mower, only very quietly. Alice, June and Meghan looked at each other. They were all thinking the same. There was nothing in the slightest simple about this. Nothing at all.

I knew I was going to die…one shot story

My back ached. My head ached. I hurt all over.

Why did I crawl into the ruins for a dare? It’s the most stupidest thing I have ever done in my life. I couldn’t get out because the entrance collapsed. My friends were long gone, the decending rubble took care of them. I peered out a crack in the brick and on the street below. An old lady was hobling along. Suddenly she looked up. I could swear she saw me, but that was impossible. I was simply too well hidden. There was no way I could atract the attention from anyone; I couldn’t move. My phone was crushed under layers and layers of brick. And then it dawned on me.

I was going to die.

“Sorry mum, sorry dad,” I whispered into the darkness. By now they would be franticly searching for me. But they wouldn’t find me. No one can find me here.

Blood seeps from my wounds, and there’snothing I can do to stop it. Mabie I can bleed to death, insted of slowely wasting away. I envy my friends’ short, painless deaths. One hit on the head by the enormous weight of a dozen or so bricks and they’re out for good. I wished I’d gone more carefully. It was me who caused the rubble to collapse. One wrong move and bam, I’m knocked to the floor, trapped and badly hurt.

It was me who killed my friends and now I’m going to die myself. I force myself to belive I’m not afraid, but I’m so scared I could die of fright there and then. There are so many ways my life could end, stuck here like a helpless insect.

My heart beat echoes in the silence. Does it know it’s beats are numbered? Do I, truly deep down, know that? I silently pray for my family, for my dead friends, for everyone that will be hurt when I go, before letting death seep through and enfulg me as I shut my bright blue eyes and never open them again.